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i liked both of them..

Richard sounded stronger and had a better flow.

iiNSOMNiiAC sounded clearer and had better lyrics.

they both did well in my opinion but i liked the iiNSOMNiiAC's more...

but that's just me i guess :)

good response.

I've listened to klazik's rap first before listening to yur response; klazik has a better potential than what he rapped towards yu; however i give him props for the freestyle.. i like yurs much better simply due to the good beat and the lyrics are really well written with the metaphors.. i'd like to see yu freestyle back though to see a more solid comparison between the two of yu.

InvasiveInsomniac responds:

too true.. might do that in my next song... thanks for the great review and score :)

well done :)

yu did really well with this; i like the use of multi-tracking it emphasises just the right words at the right time. i like the beat too; it works really well, i actually like the accent yur voice sounds much more direct which works good with this sort of song; i really enjoyed it. :) it does feel like yu held back in a few bits hence why i gave an 8 but if it wasn't for that yu'd get a 10/10.

InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Thanks heaps for the great review, constructive criticism is always appreciated :) Look out for the Black Ops song coming soon ;)

haha love it :)

i love the lyrics as they are clear; humorous and have a good ring to it; the beat really suits it using pentatonic scales works really well to create an asian sound.. yu've done really well with the song. :)

InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Cheers :) Been meaning to make this song longer, but have never really gotten around to it.. might work on it :)

i do what i want; when i want; how i want; coz i'mma boss ;)

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