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love it.

I'm shocked to think i am giving the first review on this picture, as it is really cool!

I love the detail you've put into the whole image, as well as the colors, it just looks really dimensional and i think you've used great textures.

So i have to say that's a 5/5 from me and a 10/10 because it takes alot of talent to create something like this... so well done!


The blending is really well done as with most of your art. I know you are aware that the perspective is off, but it adds a new aspect to the picture anyway that is actually really appealing.

Although, the reason i give you an 8 is because even though the picture is AWESOME i would love to see something a bit more than just a tank.

Like an action shot of the tank, whether it be it might have just fired a bullet at something or even just some smoke around the barrel ?

It's upto you but i think you could do something a little more with this image, but i do really like it!


wow i love this!

I love the style you've used, it's so unique but still so beautiful.

It tells a sad story but is really well done.


pretty good

I really like how you've blended and shaded the colors,
however i do have one problem with it, until i read your commentary; i seriously thought this was a girl, i think it's just that the femininity far outweighed the masculine aspects of him..

Maybe you could shorten the back of his hair and maybe the eyelashes?

It's upto you :) but i do really like this art piece, and i'm assuming you're an anime fan :D

messed up.

Wow... that's messed up!
but drawn well.. weird style but; i like it.


i love the amount of detail you have used in this art piece...
I also like how you have made his face and neck look almost completely patterned too. It's a really good use of textures and i love the boldness you have used to frame the dragon.
I agree with Aci6 in regards to adding something in the background, you could've used lightning, but i think something like a castle in the distance would add to the fantastical characterization of the picture and also highlight the size of him adding the sense of power :)

but yeah.. nice work.

AshleyAlyse responds:

I absolutely love designing the details in a piece of art. :) It's probably my favorite thing to do, even though it takes forever, haha. I will take that into account! I think some lightning would do the trick. :) Thank you for your review! :D

i like it :)

simple yet creative..

Thumbs up :D

AshleyAlyse responds:

Thanks a bunch! :D

wow :D

I love the style you have used, It's really creative how you have used different textures to make the picture what it is.

I laughed when i saw the name. love it.
5/5 and a 10/10 from me :D

Lundsfryd responds:

Thanks - it's really nice of you.

i do what i want; when i want; how i want; coz i'mma boss ;)

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